Monday, June 4, 2012

Winnipeg Relay for Life, May 25, 2012

On May 25, 2012, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) held the Annual Winnipeg Relay for Life at Shaw Park.
This year, we expanded the engagement of the GL of Manitoba with the CCS to include supporting and participating in the various Relays for Life in Manitoba. The Relays were promoted to the Manitoba Masonic Family, which fielded three (3) teams.
The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) had a team. So did Sphinx Temple No 116, Daughters of the Nile (DON). The third team was from the Freemasons of Manitoba, led by the Senior Grand Lodge Officers and their Ladies.
In this picture we have Lady Val Webster, RWB Stano Spina and RWB Doug Webster (in blue jacket with back to camera).
Lady Mae (in white T-shirt) with Lady Faye Hooper of Sphinx Temple No 116, DON, with the very colorful costume of the DON team.
Tents of the various teams with Downtown Winnipeg in the background.
Here are some of the DON team, led by Queen Patti Hillier (2nd from L in front).

I am with three (3) members of the DON team and Lady Valerie Webster (R).

The Star Trekkers, the OES team. They raised $4,600. That is awesome for a first participation. Well done, Sisters & Brothers in the OES.

In the background on the right is the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

Zumba time! Lady Mae and I joined the others do the Zumba. It was very tiring.

Lady Valerie Webster is not walking the wrong way. She is just walking backward. I read somewhere that doing so is good. It is supposedly 10x better than walking forward.

Still more Zumba!
Other Brethren and some Petitioners of one Lodge participated.

At past midnight, the participants were still walking.

It was a very successful 1st time participation for the Manitoba Masonic Family with a total amount of $7,400 raised. As mentioned above, the Daughters of the Nile team raised $4,600. The OES team raised $1,200. The GL team raised $1600.
It was a lot of fun despite the cold temp and the showers.
Thank you to everyone who supported, donated  to and participated in the Winnipeg Relay for Life.
I left at around 4 AM to get some sleep. I had to be in Transcona at 11 AM that day for a Ceremony. This will be covered in my next article.

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