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Public Installation of Jose Rizal Lodge No 1172, GLNY, June 16, 2012

On June 16, 2012, Saturday, we attended the Public Installation of Jose Rizal No 1172, GL of F&AM of the State of New York.
This is the back entrance to the GL Building.
Mae in the corridor from the back entrance of the GL Building. Beautiful marble floors.

Gilded walls and staircases
The display cabinet on the ground floor.

A tour of the GL Building was given by RWB Alfred Dais.

L to R: RWB Gaddiel Gallardo; Bro Boy Calvario RWB Alfred Dais; MWB Chibu Uson; WB Edward Usita; RWB Val Basiga Jr

Arm wrestling with WB Edward Usita

Bro Boy Calvario trying out the SW's Chair

With RWB Alfred Dais, Past Trustee of the GL of NY. He was WM of Jose Rizal Lodge No 1172 in 1985 and is the most senior living Lodge PM.

Outgoing WM Jun Almiron
WB Edward Usita (C) presenting Grand Representatives of New York. RWB Val Basiga, Jr (R) is the Grand Rep of NY to the Philippines.
Distinguished PDDGM's of the 4th Manhattan District
Presenting RWB Cecil Abbott, Grand Steward of the GLNY
RWB Amado David (L), Director, Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, and WB Hernane Castro, Installing Master

L to R: MWB Chibu Uson; RWB Carlito Gallardo, DDGM, 4th Manhattan District; WB Hernane Castro, Installing Master
The color guard led by RWB Philip Hiolle
Presenting WB David Ignacio, Jr, Secretary
Presenting Bro Tom Benolearo, SW-Elect
WB Jose Bonoan gave the Charge to the Wardens
Presenting WB Ignacio (Ige) Abe, WM-Elect
WB Ige taking his Obligation as WM
WB Jun Almiron, IPM, passing on the Lodge Charter to new WM Ige Abe.
RWB Val Chua gave a very passionate Charge to the Master
WB Ige Abe being seated in the East

WB Ige Abe giving his inaugural address
One of WB Ige's daughter played wonderfully one of WB Ige's favorite musical pieces on the violin, as a presentation of the WB Mark Sexson Assembly No 15, Rainbow for Girls.
The Past First Ladies and Past Masters of the Lodge
Sis Melly Abe receiving the Lodge First Lady's Cup from Sis Jean Almiron.
Sis Melly Abe giving a Past First Lady's Cup to Sis Jean Almiron
RWB Cecil Abbott thanked the daughter of WB Ige with five (5) roses, with each rose representing a beautiful trait.
RWB Cecil Abbott, Grand Steward, gave a very entertaining and inspiring talk. He spoke about our chance meeting on the tour bus he was working on the past few days. He was an excellent tour guide.

RWB Cecil Abbott receiving the Manitoba GM's pins - this year's from MWB Al Hadley and last year's from me.
The Lodge PM's presenting a PM's Apron to IPM WB Jun Almiron.

WB Jun Almiron thanking the Lodge Brethren and Ladies for a wonderful year.
RWB Carlito Gallardo, DDGM, 4th Manhattan District, attaching the pin of MWB James Sullivan, GM, GLNY. The pin was from Ill Sir Tom Jacobsen, Past Potentate, who gave it. The pin was still to be officially released on the St John's weekend celebration on June 22 in Utica, NY.
The Brethren from the East march out of the Lodge Room.
The SW is made in charge of the Lodge while the WM and the Brethren in the East left the Lodge Room.
With newly-installed WM Ige Abe
L to R: WB Ige Abe, WM; MWB Chibu Uson; WB Jun Almiron, IPM
At the fellowship, Members of the OES were recognized.
Mae and Anna join the Lodge Ladies in this picture

Dance time
Mae with Lodge First Lady Sis Melly Abe
L to R: RWB Carlito Gallardo, DDGM; RWB Val Basiga, Jr, Grand Rep of the GLNY to the MW GLP; MWB Chibu Uson; RWB Ying Paderanga IV, PDDGM.

One thorn among the roses
RWB Val Basiga, Jr joins the picture to be the second thorn among the roses

WB Edward Usita presenting my Founding Member's Certificate from and a copy of the Charter of Maynilad Lodge No 1521, GL of DC. Thanks, WB Edward for bringing these from DC. He drove in from Virginia, where he is now based.

Members of Maynilad Lodge No 1521, GL of DC, L to R: WB David Ignacio Jr; MWB Chibu Uson; WB Edward Usita; and Bro Tom Bonelarao
With 2012/2013 Officers of Jose Rizal Lodge No 1172, GL of NY, led by WM Ige Abe
Take 2 - with the WM, Wardens and IPM seated
Take 3 - Standing again, with the Philippine flag
Take 4 - wacky shot!
What an excellent afternoon and evening with the Brethren and Ladies of Jose Rizal Lodge No 1172 and other Lodges in NY and NJ.
The Installation Ceremonies were conducted excellently, the hospitality was wonderful and the fellowship was extremely warm.
We hope to be back someday.

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