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137th Annual Communication, GL of Manitoba, June 1 & 2, 2012

Day 1, June 1, 2012, Friday:
The 137th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba, AF&AM, opened at 9 AM  on June 1, 2012, Friday, at the Hilton Suites.
The Past Grand Masters (PGM's) marched in with the Grand Lodge Officers.

The GM then entered and prayed at the Altar before proceeding his seat in the East.

In the back, L to R: DGM RWB Al Hadley; GM MWB Chibu Uson; and IPGM MWB Kris Goodmanson. In front is Grand Sword Bearer VWB Denis Lorteau.
The PGM's were formally received by the GM and DGM, in recognition of their service to the Grand Lodge and the Fraternity.

MWB Clay Munz, PGM, gives the response on behalf of the PGM's.
The visiting Dignitaries were then received.
The Visiting Dignitaries were given seats in the Extended East.

The Ladies were then brought into the Lodge Room.

After receiving the representatives from the Federal, Provincial and City Governments, Police Service and Canadian Cancer Society, the representatives from the various Bodies of the Manitoba Masonic Family were also received.

His Honor, Lieutenant Governor Philip S Lee, then entered the Lodge Room and took a seat to the left of the GM.
The Colors were presented.

The Lieutenant Governor, His Honor Philip S Lee, gave his message.

MLA Sharon Blady gave greetings on behalf of the Premier.

Councilor Daniel Vandal gave greetings on behalf of the City Mayor.

Supt David Thorne gave greetings on behalf of the Chief, Winnipeg Police Service.

Lady Valerie Webster gave greetings on behalf of Job's Daughters International, Manitoba.

Presenting 5-year service jewels to Masons Care Drivers. A check for the Grand Lodge's annual donation of $25,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) was presented Mr Mark McDonald, Executive Director, CCS.

The Lieutenant Governor (LG) then left the Lodge Room and the Meeting was called to Refreshments. The LG stayed for picture taking.

The LG with the Grand Lodge Officers.

The LG with some of the Ladies before they went on their Ladies Program - a visit to the Ten Thousand Villages and lunch at Seoul Buffet, both on Pembina Highway.

The Meeting resumed with the Representatives of the various Manitoba Masonic Bodies giving greetings.

Sometime before lunch, MWB Gerald Payne, GM, and MWB Charles Snargrass, Sr, PGM and Grand Secretary, of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Minnesota, arrived and were received.
WB Blair Ledger, Sub-Provincial Grand Master, gave greetings on behalf of the Royal Order of Scotland.
Ill Bro Roz Iwanicki, Deputy for Manitoba and Nunavut, Scottish Rite
MEC Rick Laronde, Grand First Principal, Royal Arch Masons, Manitoba
Rt Eminent Brother Leif Hanson, Sovereign Great Priory
RWB Cliff Hartmier gave greetings on behalf of the Allied Masonic Degrees
Ill Sir Harry Rosenbaum, Potenate & CEO, Khartum Shriners, giving greetings
The GM presented to Ill Sir Harry Rosenbaum a paper weight from the Potentate of Mabuhay Shriners (Philippines), Ill Sir and MWB Sonny Razon.
Queen Patti Hillier, Sphinx Temple No 116, Daughters of the Nile
Knight Companion Al Christoferson, Red Cross of Constantine
Newly installed Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, Order of the Eastern Star, Sister Jean Hutchinson
Darlene Borowski, President, Khartum Ladies Auxiliary
RWB Brian Langtry, Chairman, Advisory Council, Winnipeg Chapter, Order of DeMolay
Worthy Brother Ian Havelock, Supreme Ruler, Order of the Secret Monitor
MWB Lon Ksavager, GM, North Dakota
The Brotherhood Gavel was presented by the Minnesota Brethren led by DGM RWB Dave Olson (C), SGW RWB Jim Christensen (2nd from R) and PGM MWB Ray Christensen (R).
The rank of Honorary Past Grand Master of Manitoba was conferred on MWB Dennis Skuce (2nd from R), GM, Saskatchewan, and MWB Ray Christensen (R), PGM, Minnesota.
RWB Dave Olson, DGM, Minnesota
RWB Bill Crawford, Grand Secretary, Iowa
MWB Gerald Payne, GM of the MW Prince Hall GL of Minnesota
The Guest Speaker, MWB Neil Neddermeyer, PGM, Minnesota

Entertainment at the Lunch hosted by the Past Masters' Association
Picture taking of the GL Officers

The actual Certificate of Honorary PGM for MWB Ray Christensen was presented right after lunch.
The Brethren from Northern Manitoba were welcomed and acknowledged. L to R: MWB C Rae Haldane-Wilsone, PGM; VWB Milt Goble; RWB Lyle Borgstrom; and RWB Derek Betts, DDGM, GM's Area
MWB Garry Dowling, GM, GL of Canada in the Province of Ontario
DGM RWB Al Hadley giving the report of the Board of General Purposes.
MWB C Rae Haldane-Wilsone giving the report of the Committee on Fraternal Relations.
RWB Nico Velthuys, Grand Treasurer, giving his report.
MWB Dennis Skuce, GM, Saskatchewan
MWB Stuart Allen presented the proposed constitutional amendments
MWB Bil Cave, GM, GL of British Columbia and Yukon
MWB Don Beattie presenting the new Master Mason's Certificate
Presenting the very first new MM's Certificate to Bro Chris Pleasants, who designed the Certificate
MWB Peter Dunlop, GM, GL of Alberta, giving the last greetings from the Visiting Dignitaries.
Thus ended the first day's session of the Annual Communication.

In the evening of June 1, Friday, we had the Grand Lodge Dinner & Entertainment, with Bro Neil Navarro (L) and VWB Ron Hall (R) as Emcees.

Entertaining the guests for the second evening was Jerilyn Bulaong.

MWB Dave Love proposing the Toast to the Ladies
Lady Carol Hadley giving the response on behalf of the Ladies
The evening's main entertainment was the Fubuki Daiko, which gave a fantastic and reverberating performance.

The Toast to the Visitors was proposed by MWB C Rae Haldane-Wilsone.
MWB Bill Cave, GM, BC & Yukon, giving the response on behalf of the visitors
RWB Junn Manalang, Grand Director of Ceremonies, proposing the Toast to the Grand Master.
The GM giving his response.
The Junior Warden's Toast was proposed by RWB Stano Spina, JGW,

After dinner, some of the guests went up to the Hospitality Room on the 6th Floor for fellowship.

If you ask the guests, specially these two, it was an excellent evening - a fitting end to a wonderful first day of the Annual Communication.

Day 2, June 2, Saturday: The Annual Communication resumed on June 2, Saturday, at 9 AM.
In this picture, the GM presents the Charter of the youngest Manitoba Lodge, Castle Island Virtual Lodge No 190, to MWB Dave Love, WM.

The Youth Committee presented a check of $1K each to three Manitoba youth organizations. L to R: Michelle Schmidt of the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg, Sports Connection Program; Don Timmerman, International Music Camp; and Len Wilkinson, Winnipeg Gryphons Lacrosse Team.
WB Richard Lacoursiere was presented as the next JRC Evans Lecturer.
Lodge of Excellence Awards were presented to Ancient Landmark Lodge No 3, Seven Stars Lodge No 180, Millennium Lodge No 182 and Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189.
RWB Stan Barclay introduces the Wayne Cash Jewel, which recognizes Brethren for certain levels of blood donation.
The very first Wayne Cash Jewel was presented to Lois Cash, the widow of RWB Wayne Cash.

The Wayne Cash Jewel was presented to RWB Tom Love (2nd from L); RWB Cliff Hartmier (C) and RWB Stan Barclay (2nd from R).
Bro Dennis Deley of Acacia Lodge No 111 received the William Douglas Award.

Bro Neil Navarro was presented his Lewis Jewel that morning.
Certificates of Meritorious Service were presented to RWB Rudy Weidenbacher (L), for his work in various Committees of the Board of General Purposes; RWB Doug Webster, for his work with the youth; and RWB Stan Barclay, for leading the Partners for Life (Blood Donation) Initiative.

The Grand Master's Award for Merit was presented to MWB Ted Jones. It was very, very rare that MWB Ted was speechless. Of course, when his name was called, he was shocked. He and Lady Shirley Jones are listening to the wordings on the Certificate accompanying the Collar.

With WM Robbie Green and the Brethren of Ancient Landmark Lodge No 3, one of the Lodges which received the Lodge Excellence Award.
Here is RWB Rudy Weidenbacher, who was unusually speechless when asked to speak after receiving his Certificate of Meritorious Service. He is surrounded by some members of his family.
RWB Norm Lyons giving the report of the Committee on Arrangements and Elections.
Thanking the 2011/2012 Officers

Thanking the DDGM's for 2011/2012
Thanking the 2011/2012 JRC Evans Lecturer, VWB Gord Greasley

The Komedians, the Clown Unit of Khartum Shriners, made a presentation to the GM. They had a pink bag from Victoria's Secret.

Inside the bag were a Grand Master's watch and a limited edition of "My Special Day", a porcelain plate, part of the "Art for a Fine Cause" collection.

The Saturday lunch was hosted by the Manitoba Masonic Family.
MEC/RWB Rick Laronde, Grand First Principal, Grand Chapter of Manitoba Royal Arch Masons, presented checks of $2K each to the DeMolays and the Job's Daughters.
Installation of 2012/2013 GL Officers:
In the afternoon of June 2, Saturday, the 2012/2013 GL Officers were installed.

The Incoming GM being presented.

The Incoming GM taking his Obligation.
MWB Al Hadley, GM, being invested with the GM's Collar and Jewel.

MWB Al Hadley takes his seat in the Grand East.

Being presented and invested as the IPGM.

Ill Sir/RWB Harry Rosenbaum, Potentate & CEO, Khartum Shriners, presenting MWB Al Hadley his GM's Fez.

Presenting the door keys and alarm code for the Grand Lodge.
Being presented the PGM's Jewel by Lady Mae.

Being presented the Feather Duster implement by MWB Rick Porter.
Lady Mae presenting the First Lady's Pin to Lady Carol Hadley.
RWB Doug Webster being invested as the DGM.

The new DGM takes his seat in the Grand East to the right of the GM.
RWB Stano Spina being invested as the SGW.

RWB Ron Church being invested as JGW.

The 2012/2013 DDGM's

The Grand Deacons, VWB Brian Pekarchuk (L), JGD and VWB Jack Ferguson, Jr (R), SGD
The Grand Organist, VWB Randy Ashcroft
The Grand Stewards, VWB Ina Kluchnik, JGS (L) and VWB Larry Cherrett, SGS (R)
The Grand Sword Bearer, VWB Troy Blair
The Grand Standard Bearer, VWB Gord Sumka
The Grand Pursuivant, VWB Ian McIver
The Grand Piper, VWB Jimm Simon
The newly elected Members of the Board of General Purposes, L to R: RWB Jamie Houston, RWB Gerry Derhak, RWB Gord Fardoe and RWB John Baptista
Delivering the Final Charge
Presenting Certificates of Installation

 WB Jimm Simon reading the registration of the Manitoba Masonic Tartan
The 2012/2013 Officers of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba

In the evening, there was a GM's Gala held at Breezy Bend Golf Country Club.

Thus ended the 137th Annual Communication
of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba. It went very, very well.

Note: My following postings will be about various events I will attend or participate in. Or a posting might be about something I think might interesting.

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