Friday, June 22, 2012

Statue of Liberty and New York City, Day 6, June 13

In the morning of June 13, Wednesday, my cousin, John, picked us up in Clifton and brought us to the loading dock for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.
The Lady beckoned despite the drab and cloudy weather that morning.

There she was - welcoming as she always had been. Unfortunately, there was no access into the Statue. But the trip was still very worthwhile.

Lunch on the island

One of the many ferry boats plying the route
Sea gulls perched on top of the globes

Manhattan island in the palm of Anna's hand

Some candid shots following

A beautiful commemorative Harley Davidson on display behind the Statue of Liberty

Leaving the Statue of Liberty and proceeding to Ellis Island

About to dock on Ellis Island

In front of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Baggages and luggages left by some of the immigrants upon arrival in the U.S.

There was a hospital in the area very close to the immigration area. This was for immigrants who needed medical care.

Back on Manhattan Island

It was showering so we had to wear raincoats provided by the tour bus operator
Our tour guide was RWB Cecil Abbott, Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of New York. He was a wonderful, entertaining and excellent tour guide. We were both looking forward to attending the Open Installation of Jose Rizal Lodge No 1172 on Saturday.

The window of the only optional dress yoga center in NYC. There is nothing obscene in this picture.

Manitoba tourist on the top deck of a NYC tour bus on a Wednesday with showers

The very entertaining RWB Cecil Abbott, Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of New York
The Pepsi bottling plant across the Hudson River on the New Jersey side no longer operates  but the Pepsi sign is sill there.
Another world famous name and brand - Trump.
In New York City, the Halal Guys is a famous brand. We had lunch from this stall yesterday.

We rode the express train from Manhattan to Flushing where we will stay from Wednesday until we leave on Sunday. This is a picture of Main Street in Flushing - lots of cars and people. Lots of Asian restaurants. Mmmm. Cannot wait to have some Korean, Chinese and Japanese food. Tonight we will have home-cooked dinner prepared by my cousin-in-law, Des.
Thus ended another wonderful day touring New York.

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