Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Valley of Winnipeg, Scottish Rite Open Installation, May 17

On May 17, 2012, the Valley of Winnipeg, Scottish Rite held an Open Installation of their 2012/2013 Officers.
Representatives of the various Masonic Bodies attended.

The Grand Master, who is a Past TPGM of Winnipeg Lodge of Perfection, was presented and received by the Valley members.
In the East (L to R): Ill/VW Bro Jim Wood, Past Active Member; REC Gary Dunn, Grand 2nd Principal, Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of MB; MWB Chibu Uson, GM; Ill/RW Bro Roz Iwanicki, Deputy, MB and Nunavut, Scottish Rite; and Ill/W Bro Dave Logan, Installing Officer

Presenting the Brethren who will be installed as Officers of the three Bodies for 2012/2013
Installing WB Gerv Greasley as the TPGM of Winnipeg Lodge of Perfection. WB Gerv has served as Most Wise Sovereign of Bethesda Chapter of Rose Croix and Commander-in-Chief of Manitoba Sovereign Consistory. He is the first to have been installed as the Presiding Officer of all three Bodies of the Valley.

The other Officers of the Winnipeg Lodge of Perfection were also installed.

The GM (also PTPGM) presenting RWB Barry Brooker his PTPGM Certificate and Pin.

MWB Ted Jones being installed as Most Wise Sovereign of Bethesda Chapter of Rose Croix by Ill/W Bro Ken Cox
The other Officers of the Chapter were also installed.
RWB Fred Heinrichs received his Past Most Wise Sovereign Certificate and Jewel. It is a very beautiful Jewel.
Bro Eirik Bardal was installed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Manitoba Sovereign Consistory.

The other Officers of the Consistory were also installed.
The three Principal Officers of the Valley of Winnipeg Bodies, L to R: WB Gerv Greasley, TPGM; MWB Ted Jones, MWS; and Bro Eirik Bardal, CiC

RWB Sid Bloomfield received his Past Commander-in-Chief Certificate and Jewel
Service awardee
Another Service Awardee
RWB Barry Brooker was presented the Walter C McDonald Meritorious Award
SRCF Award recipient
The GM gives his remarks.
It was another excellent evening - great Ceremony and wonderful fellowship.

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