Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip to the Philippines, May 6 (Day 14), Tagaytay, Talisay, Taal

On May 6 (Day 14), we went to Tagaytay City.
Here is a picture of our three (3) Ladies coming down the staircase of the hotel lobby.
Being Sunday, traffic was light. In a little over an hour, we were in Tagaytay.
We ended up going down to Talisay.
We had to wear lifevests for the boatride to Taal.

We contracted two (2) boats to take us to Taal.

It was either a 15-minute horseride or a 1-hr hike to the edge of the crater of Taal Volcano. We opted not to go to the crater.

Our resort was about 15 minutes by boat from Taal.


Relaxing after the lunch.
When we got back to Tagaytay City, we went to the Vista Lodge for a view of Taal Volcano.
I do not know what sort of creature that is which accosted RWB George Mann and Lady Joanne Mann.

Taal Volcano as seen from Vista Lodge in Tagaytay City. We were just there on the island about two (2) hours ago.


Along the highway back to Manila, there were a lot of fruit stalls.
In the evening, we had dinner at Sze Chuan House on Roxas Blvd, hosted by our travel agency. It was a very sumptuous dinner but we were still full from the food we had in Tagaytay.

The chicken was very tasty.
This was our last night in Manila.
Tomorrow, we travel back to Canada.
It was an excellent trip. Lots of very wonderful memories and pictures (thanks to Lady Val Webster for sharing some of the 1K+ pictures she took).
Some of us will go back for another visit to attend the 2013 AnCom in Iloilo. Maybe we'll take 2K+ pictures then.

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