Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Millennium Lodge No 182, May 14, 2012, Monday

On May 14, 2012, Monday, Castle Island Virtual Lodge UD, of which I am a Member, had its Official Visit to its Mother Lodge, Millennium Lodge No 182 at the MMC.
Other Lodge Brethren and I accompanied our WM, MWB Dave Love, on our Lodge's 1st Official Visit.
Some of us were physically there with our WM. Others physically present were RWB Norm Pohl and RWB Fred Heinrichs.
Others joined via the internet. These were RWB Jake Mohns, RWB Bernie Gross and RWB Keith Davidson.
It was an excellent visit. We had some issues with audio feedback, which we have to resolve soon.
Overall, it was a wonderful display of the available technology.

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  1. Very cool Most Worshipful. I hope to make it back to another Castle Island meeting soon.