Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip to the Philippines, May 5 (Day 13), Manila Ocean Park

In the afternoon of May 5 (Day 13), we went to the Manila Ocean Park in behind the Luneta Grandstand. We had a wonderful time viewing the exhibits and a seal show.

This is the best display of jellyfish I have seen. The lighting and sound were wonderful. Following are pictures of some of the very beautiful display.

This is a big aquarium, about 5 meters long, containing hundreds of jellyfish.

The seal show was quite entertaining. Lady Val Webster and I sat in the unshaded area to take in the sunshine. I wonder what the UV that afternoon. I was sweating.

Following are pictures taken in the display of fish and other aquatic animals.

These are fish. They are now one of my favorite fishes. I have to find out their name.

This is the Largetooth Sawfish. Info in the following picture.


A VWB (in the wheelchair) and his son, also a Brother, from Legaspi, introduced themselves to us.

Resting and enjoying the displays.

Waiting for our ride back to the hotel.
Relaxing in the lobby of the hotel.
Lady Mae spent the day shopping with her sister and the evening with her siblings. I had dinner with my cousin, Dr Jerry Rosario, at the Triple V buffet restaurant (Saisaki, Dads & Kamayan). That was a lot of sashimi and fish.
The others had dinner at restaurants in the SM area.
Another wonderful day in Makati and Manila.

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