Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trip to the Philippines, April 24 (Day 2) - Tour of Corregidor Island

Our second day in the Philippines started early. We picked up our packed breakfast from the hotel at 6 AM. Our ferry (vis Sun Cruise) to Corregidor was at 8:30 AM. It was about an hour trip from Manila to the island.

Following are pictures taken during our day-tour of Corregidor Island.

We were all assigned to Bus #7.

Our very well-informed guide was Rowena. She was awesome. She knew everything about the island, sang for us, herded us, told us jokes and gave all of us an excellent time. She also had a lot of fun doing so.

There were umbrellas on the bus for use by the tourists. Mae used one.

I looked forward to seeing the Malinta Tunnel again after so many, many, years. The first and only time I went to Corregidor Island and saw the Malinta Tunnel was with my father one Sunday when I was in Grade School. We came on board a Philippine Navy ship.

They now have dioramas on the side of the tunnel.

You got out of this end of the tunnel.

Here we are on our way back to Manila after a wonderful tour of Corregidor Island.
We learned that on April 23 and 24, the temperature reached a record-high of 37C. Nevertheless we had an excellent time during those two (2) days.

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