Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trip to the Philippines, May 1 to 3 (Days 9 to 11), Bohol

In the early morning of May 1 (Day 9), we checked out of Radisson Hotel and were brought to the pier to board a ferry to Tagbilaran City, Bohol.
While waiting to board our ferry, we saw a "Wanted" posters of two men who looked like two of our travelling companions.We quickly got out of there and boarded our ferry.

Waiting for the ferry to depart. 

Arrival at the Port of Tagbilaran in Bohol.

We immediately proceeded to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol. The tarsier is one of the smallest know primates and is a protected species.

We went to look for tarsiers in the sanctuary.

Our efforts were rewarded as we saw three (3) tarsiers that morning.

Interesting this is. Hmm ...

For lunch, we went on the Loboc River Cruise. Everyone was served fresh coconut.

Entertainment onboard was a lady who sang wonderfully.

We stopped at some point along the river for some offboard entertainment provided by the men, women and children of one of the barangays in the area.

There were small waterfalls along the river.

This group of musicians serenaded us as we entered and left the cruise.

Next stop was the world-famous Chocolate Hills.

Next stop: Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in  Bilar, Bohol.

Lady Mae sprouted wings!

And so did Lady Val Webster!
And so did I.

The next stop was the Church of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon.

We then stopped by a store selling local delicacies and souvenirs.
And we checked into the Panglao Island Natture Resort & Spa.
Beautiful view from the restaurant of the resort. The island of Bohol is seen in the background. The island  in the middle of the picture is man-made. One can walk to it during low tide. We were too tired that evening to walk and explore.
After a very filling buffet dinner, we retired to recharge our bodies and minds. Thus ended Day 9 of our Trip to the Philippines.
Tomorrow is our first "open" day (no tours or anything scheduled). Everyone was looking forward to it.

Our cottages were similar to this one.

In the morning of May 2 (Day 10), we went to the beach.

In the afternoon of May 2 (Day 10), we went down a cave in the resort.

All of us enjoyed a wonderful massage at the Spa that afternoon.

Here is a picture of the souvenir t-shirt I bought yesterday.

During dinner that evening, we were entertained by a group of four musicians/singers. They sang all kinds of songs and we specially enjoined the ones from the 60's and 70's.

The following day was another "open" one. We just relaxed around one way or the other.
In the afternoon, we checked out and proceeded to the airport for our PAL flight to Manila, which was delayed by less than an hour.

After about an hour going through traffic from the airport to Dusit Thani and another hour to the Mall of Asia, we made it to the Chinese restaurant for the dinner hosted by MWB Nitoy Abergas.
It was an excellent dinner. The food was very sumptuous and the fellowship very warm.
It was a wonderful end to a beautiful day.

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