Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winnipeg Chapter, Order of DeMolay, Presentation at Beaver Ionic Lodge No 25, February 1, 2012, Wedneday

On February 1, 2012, Wednesday, Winnipeg Chapter, Order of DeMolay, visited Beaver Ionic Lodge No 25 to present the Ceremony of Lights. This is one of several DeMolay Public Ceremonies and is one of the favorites of the Winnipeg Chapter DeMolays. Their presentation was the result of the invitation of WB Harold Stacey for the DeMolays to visit Beaver Ionic Lodge No 25. The presentation was very well received by the Lodge Brethren. There were a lot of questions about DeMolay asked by the Lodge Brethren after the presentation. The DeMolays answered the questions very well, which is a testament to one of the benefits of Membership in the Order, public speaking skills.
It made the Chapter Advisors who were present very proud to see the DeMolays perform and carry themselves excellently. It is another proof that our Youth Organizations (DeMolay and Job's Daughters) make a big difference in the lives of the young men and ladies.
By the way, the Grand Master did not plan to attend the Lodge Meeting so he wore a DeMolay sweater and did not bring any regalia/apron. However, the GM decided to attend part of the Meeting so he borrowed a MM Apron from RWB/Dad Brian Langtry. The GM was even put to work as the Inner Guard when he was there. He left with the DeMolays after their presentation.

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