Thursday, February 16, 2012

Official Visit to Fenwick Lodge No 158, Brandon, February 2, 2012, Thursday

On February 2, Thursday, we drove to Brandon for the Ladies & Burns Night of Fenwick Lodge No 158. The Lodge Meeting was excellently presided by WB Quintin Pearce, WM. My Lady Mae and I rode with  MWB Ted Jones, Grand Secretary and his Lady Shirley. RWB Al Hadley, DGM and his Lady Carol drove in another car as they could not leave Winnipeg early.
In this picture are some of the Brethren before the Lodge Meeting.
Being Burns Night, some of the Brethren, including RWB Al Hadley, DGM (L) and MWB Ted Jones, Grand Secretary (R), wore their kilts.
I am not sure if this is the proper way of sitting when wearing a kilt.
The Ladies were brought into the Lodge to witness the presentations.
In the center in front is WB Glenn Gilos, a Charter Member of Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189. He currently resides and works in Brandon.
The GM and DGM presented Lewis Jewels to three (3) Brethren.

The GM also presented a PM's Certificate and Jewel to WB Terry Metcalf, IPM.

What is the proper way to sit when wearing a kilt?

With WB Glenn Gilos

Celebrating WB Robbie Burns' Birthday with a traditional Scottish dinner - haggis, neeps and tatties.
We also had chicken soup prepared by the WM.
There was also Cesar's Salad. To cap it, there were two (2) variant of a very wicked rhum cake prepared by the wife of the JW. The cake was like rhum with cake. I was worried that I would exceed the legal alcohol level in my blood that evening.
The drive back to Winnipeg was a bit tricky due to the fog for almost the whole trip. But we got home safely and without any untoward incident although there some exciting moments on the highway.
All in all, it was an excellent evening.

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