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Passport to Paradise Fundraiser, Sphinx Temple No 116, Daughters of the Nile, January 28, 2012, Saturday

On January 28, 2011, Saturday, Sphinx Temple No 116 held their Passport to Paradise Fundraiser at the MMC. It was a "cruise" which called on several ports. Here are some of those who were on the cruise.

Two (2) PGM's, MWB Paul Drewniak (L) and MWB Don Beattie (R), waiting for the cruise to start.

One of the countries visited was the Philippines. They served rice, pancit (noodles), arroz caldo (rice and chicken soup) and adobo (chicken and pork cooked in soy and vinegar).
In the lobby were the wonderful prize for the silent auction.
 Some of the tourists on the cruise.

This is a wonderful poster of the shark looking at its dinner.

These are some of my cruise-mates.
L to R: Lady Carol Hadley; Lady Mae Flores-Uson; DGM RWB Al Hadley
 Noble Jim & Lady Cathy Krokosh

Ladies Carol and Mae in an engaging conversation about jewelry.
Noble Jack Codd was very excited about the some of the food on the cruise.
 The Mexican port of call.
Illustrious Sir Jack Hooper, Past Potentate and current Recorder of Khartum Shriners enjoying his cerveza.

 Lady Mae enjoying the food from the Hawaiian port of call.

 Mahailo, Aloha!

 Hawaiian hula dancers

The lady in the center, who is most probably from Jamaica or somewhere in the Caribbean, is teaching Ladies Debbie Clairmont (L) and Carol Hadley (R) her dance moves.

Even Lady Val Webster tries the Caribbean dance moves.

Presentation from the Caribbean. It was also a good excuse to drink rum and coke.

It was an excellent performance.
Silent auction tickets sold here!
It was a very successful fundraiser.
Excellent job done by the Daughters of the Nile.

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