Monday, February 6, 2012

Canadian Blood Services Luncheon for Partners for Life, January 25, Wednesday

On January 25, 2012, Wednesday, the Canadian Blood Services, Prairies Division, held a Luncheon for the Partners for Life, including the Freemasons of Manitoba.

RWB Stan Barclay, the Partners for Life Champion for our group, and I attended on behalf of the Freemasons of Manitoba.

Also in attendance were selected blood recipients. They were all very grateful for the donation of life given by the Partners for Life.

At the Luncheon, we were given information that in 2011, our group:
1. Had 69 donations vs 25 pledged and
2. Had four (4) new Members in our group, which now has 37 Members.

For the last four (4) months of 2011, we had 61 donations - around 15 donations per month. At that rate, we should easily exceed our pledge of 100 donations for 2012.
I thank all those who donated under our Partners for Life Initiative last year. I trust that they will continue to do so, if they still can. I thank everyone who will donate this year or who will influence someone to do so.
Our Partners for Life number is FREE009823.
"Blood - it's in you to give." -

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