Saturday, February 25, 2012

GM's Black Tie Dinner, February 11, 2012, Saturday

On February, 11, 2012, Saturday, we had the GM's Black Tie Dinner at the Breezy Bend Golf Club.
Elected and Appointed Officers were invited to the Dinner.
VWB Wayne Hadfield, Grand Organist, provided the entertainment. In this picture, he is playing during the cocktails hour before dinner.

This year, we also invited the DDGM's.
Here we have, from L to R: RWB Earl Glinter, DDGM of the 13th Masonic District; Lady Arlene Glinter; Lady Carol Hadley, wife of RWB Al Hadley, DGM.
All smiles from L to R: RWB Junn Manalang, Grand Director of Ceremonies; VWB Bert Manalang, Grand Standard Bearer; Lady Lisa Manalang, wife of RWB Junn; and Lady Tina Manalang, wife of VWB Bert.

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful music provided by VWB Wayne Hadfield. He was a one-man band with his electric accordion and various equipment.

Someone's clowing around behind VWB Bert and Lady Tina.
This is a lovely picture of a lovely couple.
VWB Ron Hall, Grand Pursuivant and his Lady Rosanne.

The other DDGM who attended was RWB Sherman Elliot. It is always great to see him. Beside him is his Lady.

Canapes and finger foods were courtesy of RWB Al Hadley, DGM, who is the President of the Golf Club.
VWB Wayne Hadfield provided very wonderful music.
L to R: Lady Val Webster, SGW's Lady; Lady Lindsey Lorteau; VWB Denis Lorteau, Grand Sword Bearer
Lady Lindsey & VWB Denis Lorteau
The DDGM of the 1st Masonic District, RWB Tom Love, with his Lady, Donna.
Seated for dinner. This is the table of the JGW, RWB Stano Spina and his Lady Linda.

The GM's table.
Here is a better picture of the GM's table.
The table of the SGW, RWB Doug Webster, and his Lady Val.
The table of the DGM, RWB Al Hadley and his Lady Carol.
Here is a picture of the whole room.
For some reason, the GM got in between RWB Bernie Gross, Grand Historian, and his Lady Carol.
This is the better picture with everyone in their appropriate position.
The JGW's table
Beautiful table centerpiece.

Each Lady was given a rose. It was the weekend before Valentine's Day.

I wonder what RWB Bernie Gross is thinking as he watches VWB Wayne Hadfield play the accordion.
Maybe RWB Bernie Gross was thinking of the Tarantella. VWB Wayne played the song and Lady Carol Hadley and RWB Bernie Gross danced the Tarantella.

VWB Gord Greasley and his Lady Karla dancing to the wonderful music.
Maybe this was the Tarantella.
Again, Lady Carol Hadley dances to the lively music.

The audience applauds the musician and the dancers.
Lady Carol Hadley (L) and Lady Val Webster (R)
L to R: Lady Karla Greasley; Lady Carol Hadley; Lady Val Webster; and RWB Stano Spina.

Right after the wonderful entertainment.
Take 1
Take 2
Take 1
Laugh break between takes
Take 3

The lovely and wonderful evening had to come to a close.
Thanks to VWB Wayne Hadfield for providing the beautiful music.
Thanks to RWB Al Hadley for making the arrangements for the venue and for providing the finger foods and roses.
Thanks to everyone for helping make the evening an excellent one.


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