Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Assembly of Polson School, October 6

On October 6, Thursday, we attended the Thanksgiving Assembly of Polson School, which is the first beneficiary of the Milk Program of Capitol Lodge No 136. Other Grand Lodge Officers, Brethren from other Lodges, including Beaver Ionic Lodge No 136 and Ancient Landmark Lodge No 3, and representatives from the River East Transcona School Board, the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg, were present.

Polson School Principal Ian Grant gave us a tour of the school. This is the room where the milk dispensing machine is located.

The milk dispensing machine was opened to show the two (2) bags of milk inside.

This is the School library.
The Brethren and other visitors are seated by the sidelines.
 The students, teachers and staff assembled.
 Principal Ian Grant introducing the GM

Following are pictures of some of the many thank-you cards signed by the students

The Brethren and other visitors posed with some of the Grade 5's & 6's
In front of the milk dispensing machine: MWB Ted Jones, Grand Secretary; RWB Bruce Taylor; GM; MWB Kris Goodmanson, IPGM; with two of the students ready to drink their milk.

With IPGM Kris Goodmanson, a graduate of Polson School, who proposed the milk program to Capitol Lodge No 136
Drink up!
A healthy student has a higher chance of learning better.

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