Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fellowship with Calgary Brethren & Ladies, Oct 14, Friday

After the Western Canada Conference in Banff, we (DGM RWB Al & Lady Carol, SGW RWB Doug Webster & Lady Val and us) drove back to Calgary. It was a beautiful day and made for an excellent drive along the picturesque route.

We visited for a while with Bro Martin Gatan, Sis Jean and their children, Kyra and Karl Miguel at their lovely home in Kincora, NW Calgary. The Hadleys and Websters then proceeded to the airport for the flight back to Winnipeg that evening.
Here's a beautiful souvenir picture taken at the living room of Bro Martin's home.
We then proceeded to the home of Bro Alex Beltran & Sis Myra for fellowship with the Calgary Cabletow Ladies & Brethren. I invited MWB Peter Dunlop, GM of Alberta, and his Lady Carmen (it was her birthday that day).
 Here's one of many group pictures taken that evening.
The SGW of AB, RWB John Cameron (it was his birthday on October 10) and his Lady Dorothy also joined us that evening.

It was a surprise birthday party for Bro Alex (it was his birthday on October 6). Here he is cutting his cake with Sis Myra beside him.
Hmmm, why were there no candles on the cake?
 Serving the birthday cake.

Following are other pictures taken that evening.

Bro Alex with the birthday gift from the Cabletow Brethren - a new wallet.
As usual, tt was an excellent fellowship.
Thank you very much for the hospitality, Bro Alex & Sis Myra.

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