Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winnipeg Visit of Saskatchewan GM MWB Dennis & Lady Vivian Skuce, September 24

At past midnight on Friday, I received an email from MWB Dennis Skuce, GM of Saskatchewan, informing me that he and Lady Vivian will be arrive in Winnipeg on Friday late afternoon to attend the Central Star Exchange. Since they did not have any activity until Saturday evening, we invited them to have dimsum for lunch. They tried using chopsticks but need more practice.

We brought them to the Masonic Memorial Centre (MMC) for a quick tour. They laughed when they saw the reserved parking sign for the GM at the MMC parking lot. They wanted to get the sign so they can post it in Saskatchewan.

We showed them the Canada Room.

 They loved the lobby floor with the Square & Compasses.

They also loved the Masonic Family Tree.

 Just outside the MMC, we had the Grand Master Bear.

In the lobby of the Khartum Shrine Centre

In front of the Khartum Shrine Centre

It was great to meet again such a lovely couple. Looking forward to seeing them again in Banff, AB at the Western Canada Conference.

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