Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hillbilly Degree, Clan No 85, September 18

After all these years, I finally met my long lost cuz's (cousins). Not that I was actually looking for them. But it was great to find them and meet them last Sunday when I received the Hillbilly Degree and became a proud member of Clan No 85.
I met five (5) new male cuz's and six (6) new female cuz's. Here are pictures of me and my new male cuz's.

 Here we're trying some noonshine.

Here are pictures of my very pretty new female cuz's. One of them had an extra serving of noonshine. We all loved it but she specially did. I think she brought some of her own 'shine that afternoon.

What a lovely bunch of female cuz's.

Here are our other cuz's waiting for our arrival.

Here are my cuz's from the Komedians. Two of them have grown their beards. I think that's so they won't be easily recognize.

Here is my new cuz, Illustrious Sir Gary Saunders, CEO/Potentate of Khartum Shriners.
It was a blast meeting new and old cuz's. Looking forward to the next Noonshine gathering in the spring.
My, it is starting to get colder in the evenings. Thank goodness there's noonshine.
The picture below of me was taken by Cuz Noble Kevin Davis. Thank you, Cuz Noble Kev!

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