Monday, September 19, 2011

Installation of Winnipeg Chapter, Order of DeMolay, September 17

September 17, Saturday, was a busy day for the Grand Lodge Officers. In the morning, we had a Meeting of the Committee on the Condition of Freemasonry. Right after that, we proceeded to the Installation of the Officers of Winnipeg Chapter, Order of DeMolay.
Here is a picture of some of the DeMolays while waiting for the start of the Meeting.

 Here are this term`s Officers to be Installed.

MC-Elect Jared LapiƱa saying a prayer at the start of the Installation.
MC Jared with his Mom, Sis Espie, who gave him his collar and jewel.
The Installing Officer was the Outgoing (now Immediate Past) MC, Kristian Regalado.
Dad Rico Villarin, WM of Capitol Lodge No 136, Sponsoring Body of Winnipeg Chapter, after giving his son, DM Juan Miguel, his collar and jewel.

MC Jared addressing the Chapter and guests.

MC Jared being presented his Dad`s gavel by his Mom.
MC Jared being presented a Certificate of Achievement from Grand Lodge for being Installed as the Master Councilor for this term.

IPMC Kristian with his proud father, Senior DM and Bro Noel Regalado
 Dad Rico giving his greetings.
Dad Kevin Lysholm giving his greetings and thanks. He did an excellent job in getting together a wonderful Installation Team.
 IPMC Kristian congratulating MC Jared.
Exit of the Installation Team. Excellent job!
 MC Jared with the Grand Lodge Senior Officers (minus the JGW).
MC Jared with his Councilors, SC William Giang and JC Jorem Concepcion, and the Senior Grand Lodge Officers.
The Winnipeg Chapter DeMolays, Advisors and Senior Grand Lodge Officers.
MC Jared with his family: (L to R) older sister PHQ Jachin; mom Sis Espie; older brother, PMC Justin; and younger sister PHQ Jasmin. His dad RWB Neil went to Calgary two days ago to start his new job. I am sure that RWB Neil is very proud of MC Jared and of his other children. I am, too.


  1. These photos put tears in my eyes, MW Sir. I was a very active DeMolay back in my teenage years. My father (The Lion) was an active advisor and my mother (Lio-tamer), the President of the Mothers' Club. Every time I see photos of a DeMolay event they always remind me of my parents. That's why when I received my Chevalier Degree in 2002, I dedicated that honor to my Tatay and my Nanay.

    - Bro. Ivan R. Galarosa
    A. Mabini Chapter, Order of DeMolay
    Quezon City Lodge No. 122

  2. Bro Ivan, thank you for your post.
    I know that you and your siblings have made The Lion and The Lion-Tamer proud. I trust that you will continue to make them and your fellow Senior DeMolays and Brethren proud by continuing to be true to the teachings of DeMolay and Freemasonry.
    You might be happy to know that on Monday, at least 14 Master Masons and I will receive the Initiatory and DeMolay Degrees from Winnipeg Chapter and become Honorary DeMolay Members of Russell L Wiginton Chapter and Senior DeMolays of DeMolay International. Russell L Wiginton was the first Master Councilor of Winnipeg Chapter, the first Chapter chartered outside of Canada and the Chapter which made DeMolay an international organization. He was also a PM of a Lodge in Kingston, ON.
    I have seen the Degrees a number of times and have always "envied" the DeMolays because I was not part of it. Soon I will be a DeMolay, although only an Honorary one. Regardless, I will be very proud to be one and to call my son "Brod".
    Take care, my Brother. Fraternal regards.