Friday, December 23, 2011

Open Installation, Doric Lodge No 36, Boissevain, Dec 20, Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 20, Grand Secretary MWB Ted Jones, DGM RWB Al Hadley, Grand Treasurer RWB Nico Velthuys and I drove down to Boissevain for the Wild Game Night and Installation of Doric Lodge No 36.
Here we have a picture taken before the dinner.
L to R: MWB Morley McKay, RWB Al Hadley, RWB Nico Velthuys and MWB Ted Jones.

I took a picture of the photographer, RWB Bert Chambers, the WM-Elect.
This was after the main course and before the cake and ice cream. Those courses were very tasty! It took a lot of control not to get seconds and thirds.
A picture of everyone, except the new WM, RWB Bert Chambers, who took the picture.

 L to R: DGM RWB Al Hadley; WM RWB Bert Chambers; GM; Grand Secretary MWB Ted Jones

Joining in the picture is RWB Bob Kilpatrick, who was presented his corrected Lewis Jewel. His has three (3) bars because both his grandfather and father were Freemasons in good standing when they passed away. RWB Bob was very happy to receive his Jewel.

It was another wonderful evening - great food, excellent ritual, warm fellowship and great driving conditions and weather.

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