Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keystone Council No 172, Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD)

On October 29, 2011, Saturday, four (4) of us were initiated into Keystone Council No 172, Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) here in Winnipeg. The other three new AMD Brethren are RWB Al Hadley, RWB & Past Potentate Jack Hooper and RWB Wally Roth.

The Degree Team was composed of the following:
S.M. - V. Bro. Dean Hawes
S.W. - Bro. Ron Church
J.W. - M.Ven. Bro. Cliff Hardy
S.D. - R.Ven. Bro. Ted Yorke
Tyler - Bro. Mason Jardine
Inner Guard -  Ven. Bro. Don Fraser
Lecture - V. Ven. Bro. Brian Rountree
The Ceremonies were impressive and the fellowship warm.

Here is the address of the website of AMD Canada (, which is an honorary and invitational body dedicated to Masonic research. Being a Royal Arch Mason (RAM) is a prerequisite to Petitioning for Initiation into an AMD Council.

Keystone Council No 172 meets four (4) times in a year - February, April, October and December.

Looking forward to the Meeting of Keystone Council No 172 tomorrow evening, December 16, Friday. Pending a favorable ballot on a Petition for Initiation, we will initiate RWB Barry Homenick. It will be great to witness from the sideline what I went through in October.

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