Saturday, December 10, 2011

Khartum Komedians' Annual Dinner, December 9, Friday

Lady Mae & I attended the Annual Dinner of the Khartum Komedians, the Clown Unit of Khartum Shriners, on December 9, Friday. I joined the Komedians in 1998 and Lady Mae and I have made great friends among the Nobles and Ladies of the hardest working Unit of Khartum. Needless to say, we enjoy being part of the Komedians family. It is just unfortunate that, because of my Grand Lodge commitments and duties, I have been unable to help the Komedians in most of the clowning events these past few years. But, whenever I can, I attend the Unit Meetings and social events.

This year's Annual Dinner was again held at the Khartum Shrine Centre. The Master of Ceremonies was Acting Secretary & RWB Kevin Davis, who did a wonderful job. The dinner was excellent. We had a big portion of prime rib, vegies, potato and dessert.

Noble Al (Bundy) Romani, Boss Klown, was speechless when he was presented the "Clown of the Year" Award by Noble President Reg Hall. It was a rare moment that Noble Al was speechless. Someone suggested that maybe we should invest $50 every year for an award to give Noble Al to keep him quiet for a few minutes. Well deserved, Noble Al! Congratulations!
Big smiles from Noble President Reg Hall on the left and "Clown of the Year" Noble Al Romani on the right.
 Every year, at one of the Komedians' social events, the door prize is "won" by one of the Komedians or, in this year, by the Divan Liaison, Noble Alvin Allard. Noble Alvin is admiring the door prize.

Noble Alvin said that maybe the glass needs to be tinted.

Illustrious Sir Potentate Gary and Lady Marcy Saunders along with Noble Chief Rabban Harry & Lady Hope Rosenbaum, Illustrious Sir Jack & Lady Faye Hooper and Noble Alvin & Lady Judy Allard also attended the Dinner.

Noble President Reg Hall was presented his Past President's Pin by Illutrious Potentate Sir Gary Saunders.
It was an enjoyable evening with our Komedians family. Looking forward to have the time to again do my share of Clowing for the Shrine Kids.

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