Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ladies Night of Winnipeg River Lodge No 154, Nov 5, Saturday

Sis Mae and I rode with VWB Jun Pagunuran and Sis Aries to the Ladies Night of Winnipeg River Lodge No 154 on Nov 5, Saturday, at The Gaffer's Restaurant in Lockport. It was a beautiful restaurant with excellent food.
Everyone had a wonderful time honoring the Ladies. Sis Loretta Green (2nd from the right in the picture), the Lady of the JW WB Pat Green, made the arrangements for the evening, including the gifts and flowers for the Ladies.

Waiting for the dinner to be served.

After dinner, the Ladies enjoyed getting their two gifts for the evening.

It's an sunflower ornament for Sis Carol.

A wind chime for Sis Aries 

Mae gets a traveling jewelry case.

For her second gift, Sis Aries also gets a traveling jewelry case.
The Lady of WB Allan Campbell likes the windchime of Sis Aries.

Sis June Fenton with her gift, a candle holder.

Nice platter or whatever ...


I just realized that some of the pictures are not in the correct sequence. But I am sure that you can figure it out. Dinner, dessert (for those who still had space for it or who just could not resist having it), getting the gifts, group picture, farewells.
It was a very enjoyable evening.

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