Monday, November 21, 2011

Bethel No 9, 50th Anniversary Celebration, November 19, Saturday

In the afternoon of November 19, Bethel No 9 held a Majority Service as part of the celebration of their 50th Anniversary. Honored Queen Heather Beach presided the Meeting.
The Senior Officers of the Supreme Council were in town for the celebration, From R to L: Supreme Guardian Bobbie Hoglund (Maryland), Associate Supreme Guardian Randy Hansen (Utah), the Grand Master, Supreme Bethel Guardian Pat Pelham (Maryland), Supreme Bethel Honoured Queen Kristi Frazer (Oregon) and Miss International Job's Daughter Brianna Richards (Alberta).
Also in attendance were Past Honored Queens of Bethel No 9 and other Manitoba Bethels and representatives of the Manitoba Masonic Family.

A Majority Service was held for six (6) Daughters. In this picture, they are at the Altar for prayer.

HQ Heather present her gift to the six (6) Daughters becoming Majority Member.

We had a presentation by one acting as Mother Ethel T Mead Wick, the founder of the International Order of Job's Daughters. She gave a wonderful narration about founding of the Order in 1920.

The GM gives his talk.
The Daughters doing the wonderful and very moving Cross Ceremony.
HQ Heather with the Officers right after the Bethel Meeting. They all did excellent work.

The Grand Master in the Jobies-prescribed position for a Grand Master posing with Bethel Officers, Members and Guardians and Supreme Officers.

That evening, there was a Banquet ...

 And dancing ...

And the DeMolays joined in dancing ...

Associate Supreme Guardian Randy Hansen in a serious discussion with Provincial Guardian Val Webster and Associate Provincial Guardian and Grand Lodge of Manitoba Senior Grand Warden Doug Webster.

Bro Cory White (L) was the Music Man and Bro Dan Freeman was the Photographer.

More dancing ...

Still more dancing ...

And more dancing ...

Undoubtedly, the young ladies and young men all had an excellent time. And the adults did, too. It was an excellent evening and celebration.
Happy 50th Birthday, Bethel No 9!
Wishing you another 50 years!

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