Monday, August 29, 2011

Masonic Family Round-Up, August 28, Sunday

We held the 3rd Annual Masonic Family Round-Up on August 28, Sunday, at the Khartum Shrine Center. Members of the various Masonic Bodies and their families and friends were in attendance.

The very colorful Khartum Oriental Band, the best in the Midwest, gave a wonderful performance of some of their beautiful musical pieces - the sweetest music this side of Mecca.

The Masonic Family Pipe Band, accompanied by the Khartum Pipe Band, made their debut performance. They played wonderfully. Our SGW, RWB Al Hadley and his lovely Lady, Carol, both played the drums. This is the first band that they have played together in. I know that both of them have been looking forward to doing so.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the "dunking booth". There were five (5) "volunteers". The first was VWB Denis Lorteau, representing the Job's Daughters. He was followed by RWB/Noble Chief Rabban Harry Rosenbaum, who did not know what he agreed to when he was asked to represent the Potentate, Illustrious Sir Gary Saunders, who was in Morden on Shrine business.
And then we had RWB/Worthy Grand Patron Bruce Burke, representing the Order of the Eastern Star.

Then it was my turn to be on the cold seat. The water was very cold. It seemed that they put some ice.

My friends gladly paid to have the chance to give me a cold shower.

Even my family (daughter, son & wife) lined up to "get even". My daughter made all of her three (3) attempts! I think she practiced for it. Well, the basketball hoop is actually my son's. I even helped put it on the truck of RWB Jeff Chartrand who brought it to the Shrine Centre (Thanks, RWB Jeff!).

A special (and insistent) request was for the organizer of the "dunking booth" to sit on the "cold seat" himself. Our JGW, RWB Stano Spina, really enjoyed the cold shower.

Special thanks to JGW RWB Stano for arranging the "dunking booth" and to SGW RWB Doug Webster for coordinating the Round-Up.
Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the wonderful Round-Up. It was one great afternoon - an excellent way of enjoying the last few days of summer as a Family and of welcoming September and resuming our Masonic Labors.

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