Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 Midwest Shrine Association (MSA) in Winnipeg - August 3 to 6

The Shriners came to Winnipeg! The Imperial Potentate, Imperial Sir Mike Severe, joined 700 Shrine Masons  from 14 Shrine Centers, including Khartum (of Manitoba and NW Ontario) at the 2011 MSA Convention from August 3 to 6 in Winnipeg. They held two (2) parades.
Congratulations to Illustrious Sir Fraser Woodward, MSA Convention Officer; Illustrious Sir Gary Saunders, Potentate/CEO of Khartum Shriners; and all those who helped ensure a successful MSA Convention, including the Parades and Competitions. Well done, Nobles!

In the evening of August 3, Thursday, the Shriners paraded along Broadway Avenue from the Legislative Assembly Building to The Fort Garry Hotel. It was an excellent evening for a parade.
This was the lead car for the parade. It followed two (2) Police vehicles, which unknowingly to our driver, were going too fast for the Nobles marching somewhere behind us.

Supreme Queen Laura Richardson of the Daughters of the Nile was in the second car. She enjoyed watching the parade from the sidewalk when she reached the end of the route.
Here is the Manitoba Masonic Family Float.
Imperial Sir Mike Severe, Imperial Potentate of Shriners International, waving to the crowd and enjoying the parade.
The colors party proudly marching with the flags of the first four (4) countries with Shrine Centers U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and Panama). I understand that the flags for the countries with new Shrine Centers will soon be part of the colors carried, presented and displayed at Shrine functions and events. These will be the flags of the Philippines, Germany (or is it EU?) and Australia.

The Pipe Bands from the various Centers marched and played together. That is a sight not to be seen again in Winnipeg for another 14 years.

The Khartum Komedians rode their firetruck.

Representatives of the various Units and Clubs of the participating Shrine Centers put up an excellent parade that Thursday evening.

Here is a rare sight - a marching Oriental Band.

Looking for his Mama.

Someone has to pick up the poop.

In the morning of August 6, Saturday, another Shrine parade was held in the Assiniboine Park. It was a beautiful day for a parade.

Here come the colors.

Imperial Sir Mike Severe, Imperial Potentate of Shriners International, was in town for the MSA.

Here's Todo with the Lapiña girls and Mom, with Dad looking.

Giggles (or is is Gigglz now?) on his motorbike. Some of the Komedians on their firetruck.

Here is the "Editorial without words".

Still looking for his Mama ...
Maybe the Kops can find her.

It was great to see all those various Units and Clubs from the 14 Shrine Centers. These Nobles sure know how to put up a wonderful "show". Looking forward to the next MSA to be hosted by Khartum in 2025.

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