Sunday, January 29, 2012

Annual Meeting of the 13th Masonic District, January 23, 2012, Monday

On January 23, 2012, Monday, the 13th Masonic District held their Annual Meeting, presided by DDGM RWB Earl Glinter. We had a reasonably good turnout from the five (5) Lodges in the District. After the District business was conducted, VWB Gord Greasley presented this year's JRC Evans Memorial Lecture. It was my fourth time to hear that wonderful paper which VWB Gord presented from memory. I learn something new every time I hear this Lecture. As far as I know, this is one of the very few JRC Evan Memorial Lectures which has been presented from memory. Well, VWB Gord is an excellent ritualist, both in Lodge and in Scottish Rite. So it is no surprise that he is doing very, very well as the JRC Evans Memorial Lecturer for the Masonic Year 2011/2012.
During my talk, I called on MWB Kris Goodmanson to present him a Blood Brother Pin. MWB Kris has made 68 blood donations. Because of a trip to Mexico last year, he has been disqualified for donating for a certain period of time. He can resume donating in February and plans to donate at the same time that I will make my 3rd donation.
L to R: DGM RWB Al Hadley; GM MWB Chibu Uson; 13th Masonic DDGM RWB Earl Glinter; JGW RWB Stano Spina; Grand Secretary MWB Ted Jones

Here are some pictures taken during the wonderful Repast, where the Fellowship was very warm.

All in all, everyone had an excellent and enjoyable evening.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Congratulations, RWB & Illustrious Sir Harry Rosenbaum, 2012 Potentate & CEO, Khartum Shriners

On January 19. 2012, I attended the Stated Meeting of Khartum Shriners. That evening, Noble Harry Rosenbaum was elected as the Potentate & CEO of Khartum Shriners for 2012. The new Potentate and I are both proud members of the Khartum Komedians, the clown unit of Khartum. He was also instrumental in my getting on the officers line of the Winnipeg Lodge of Perfection, AASR. He is a PDDGM of the 13th Masonic District, one of the Districts I belong to. He is also a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason.
On Saturday, unfortunately, due to severe coughing and flu-like symptoms, I was unable to attend the Installation Ceremonies of Khartum. Hence, Lady Mae and I missed witnessing the ascension of Illustrious Sir Harry to the highest position in Khartum. It was a long road to being Potentate as it took 10 years for Illustrious Sir Harry to get to this very exciting chapter in his Shrine life.
Lady Mae and I also missed the Potentate's Reception. The Deputy Grand Master, RWB Al Hadley and his Lady Carol ably represented  at the Reception Line. They joined Illustrious Sir Harry and his Lady Hope in receiving the Nobles and their Ladies, representatives of the Masonic Bodies and their spouses, family and friends.
Since I was still not feeling well in the evening, Lady Mae and I were not able to join the Dinner with the new Potentate, the Divan and their Ladies. Again, RWB Al and Lady Carol represented Lady Mae and me.
Congratulations to Illustrious Sir Harry. I wish him an excellent and fulfilling year as Potentate & CEO of Khartum. All the best to Lady Hope as the 2012 First Lady of Khartum. Congratulations and best wishes to the Divan Members & their Ladies. I am sure that all of them will do their very best to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of the Shrine Children and their families.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Annual Meeting of Unity Masonic District, January 11, 2012, Wednesday

On January 11, 2012, Wednesday, Unity Masonic District held its 7th Annual Meeting at Empire Masonic Temple. RWB Randy Fraser, DDGM, presided the Meeting attended by the Brethren of the various Lodge in the District.

I took the opportunity to present some Blood Brothers Pins to seven (7) Brethren who are Partners for Life.

I had some problem getting the pin out of the bag so three (3) of the Brethren helped out.
The Meeting went very well. DDGM RWB Randy Fraser is congratulated by the Senior Grand Lodge Officers after the Meeting.
The Senior Grand Lodge Officers, L to R:
RWB Junn Manalang, Grand DofC; MWB Ted Jones, Grand Secretary; RWB Al Hadley, DGM; MWB Chibu Uson, GM' RWB Randy Fraser, DDGM; RWB Stano Spina, JGW; RWB Doug Webster, SGW
Two cousins who are Brothers.
RWB Junn Manalang, Grand Director of Ceremonies (L)
VWB Bert Manalang, Grand Standard Bearer (R)
The repast after the Meeting was great.
The fellowship was warm.
Nobody thought about the fact that outside the Lodge, it was -15C and snowing. As the DDGM said at the start of the Meeting, "December is finally here."
It was an excellent evening.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Annual Meeting of the 1st Masonic District, January 7, 2012, Saturday

The 1st Masonic District held its Annual Meeting on January 7, 2012, Saturday, at the Charleswood Masonic Hall, with RWB Tom Love, DDGM, presiding.

Before the Meeting, we had a very tasty lunch prepared and served by Fort Garry Chapter, OES.

Conferring before opening the Meeting.
L to R: MWB Chibu Uson, GM; RWB Tom Love, DDGM; RWB Gary Parrington, IPDDGM; RWB Al Hadley, DGM
L to R: RWB Stan Barclay, Vice-Chairman of the Partners for Life Initiative of GL; RWB Gary Parrington, IPDDGM; MWB Chibu Uson, GM
Presenting a Blood Donor pin to RWB Gary Parrington. who has donated blood 56 times

Blood Brothers Stan, Gary & Chibu
After the District Meeting

RWB Gary Parrington, IPDDGM
L to R: WB Dave Johnston, DDGM-Elect; MWB Chibu Uson, GM; MWB C Rae Haldane-Wilsone, PGM

The District Meeting was great. The nine (9) Lodges in the District are all doing well. The fellowship was warm. All in all, an excellent afternoon.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Official Visit to Capitol Lodge No 136, January 6, 2012

On January 6, 2012, Friday, I had my Official Visit to Capitol Lodge No 136. It was the first Lodge Meeting to be presided by newly Installed WM Arnold Calambacan Sr.
This picture with MWB Stuart Allen was taken during the Refreshment which was called to bring in some special visitors.

Conversing with the Grand Organist, VWB Wayne Hadfield.
SGW RWB Doug Webster (L) with WB Robbie Green, newly Installed WM of Ancient Landmark Lodge No 3, who was on his first Official Visit as WM
How many Freemasons does it take to pick up someone's marbles?
Actually, the ballot box fell and the white balls and black cubes spilled out.

 The Lodge reconvened but was kept at Refreshment.

MWB Kris Goodmanson making a presentation to WB Peter Barclay, his family and company for their contribution to the Lodge Milk Program
WB Peter Barclay joins his wife, daughter and MWB Kris to receive the plaque
The SGW, RWB Doug Webster, giving his remarks.

The GM giving his remarks.
Presenting a check for the Milk Program on behalf of the Manitoba Masonic Foundation and other sources

WM Arnold very happily received the check on behalf of the Lodge.

Resumption of the GM's remarks

Presenting the Blood Brothers Pin to WB Rick Gladish (Center), who has made 96 blood donations.

Presenting the Blood Brothers Pin to WB Rico Villarin (Left), who made his first blood donation on December 27.

 Blood Brothers!
The Lodge is closed!
The repast was excellent and the fellowship was very warm during the Refreshment Hour.
It snowed the whole day and the driving conditions were not ideal but the evening at Lodge was excellent.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Official Visit to St John's Lodge No 4, January 4, 2012, Wednesday

On January 4, 2012, Wednesday, I made my first Official Visit for 2012. This was to St John's Lodge No 4 in Winnipeg.
Before the Lodge Meeting, greeting and mingling with the Brethren.

Receiving the GM and his Suite.
RWB Sid Denby bringing the GM to the East.
Thanking RWB Sid Denby for the escort.
Receiving the gavel from WM Kevin Michayluk.
Presenting the DGM, RWB Al Hadley.
Presenting the SGW, RWB Doug Webster.
Presenting the JGW, RWB Stano Spina.
Presenting the other Brethren who accompanied the GM.
RWB Stan Barclay, Vice Chairman of Partners for Life Program (2nd from L) presenting Blood Donor Pins to WB Ron Audet (L), RWB Cliff Hartmier (3rd from L) and the GM (R).
Congratulations! You have made a big difference in the lives of blood recipients and their families.
The GM receiving his pin from RWB Stan. The GM made his second blood donation last week.
The GM presenting a pin to RWB Cliff, who has donated a total of 99 times so far. He will be making his 100th next month.
Congratulations, RWB Cliff!
The GM presenting a pin to WB Ron while WB Kevin (L) and others look on. WB Ron made his first donation early this week.
Officers of the Widows Sons sitting on the side.
Presentation of Service Awards.
L to R: WM WB Kevin Michayluk; Bro Howie Morrow, 25-year Service Awardee; Bro Ted Foreman 50-year Service Awardee; GM MWB Chibu Uson.

JGW RWB Stano Spina was called upon by the GM to speak.
Then the GM called upon SGW RWB Doug Webter to speak.
The DGM RWB Al Hadley was also called upon to speak.
The GM giving his talk.
Just before closing the Lodge in short form.
L to R: SGW RWB Doug Webster; DGM RWB Al Hadley; GM MWB Chibu Uson; WM WB Kevin Michayluk; PDDGM RWB Gary Evans; JGW RWB Stano Spina

L to R: WB Glenn Baggao (he took these pictures); SGW RWB Doug Webster; GM MWB Chibu Uson; DGM RWB Al Hadley; JGW RWB Stano Spina; Grand Director of Ceremonies RWB Junn Manalang; BGP RWB Reyne Cruz
WB Glenn Baggao, one of my "official photographers" takes a break and poses for a picture in front of the Canada Room.

RWB Junn Manalang fixing his apron inside the GM's Office. In the back is the Grand Lodge Sword.
WB Glenn Baggao between the GM (on the L) and DGM RWB Al Hadley (on the R).
RWB Junn Manalang with WB Archie during the Refreshment Hour.
 The GM conversing with RWB Brian Segal of the Widows Sons.
Enjoying the repast and the fellowship.
It was an excellent evening - wonderful Lodge Meeting, great repast and warm fellowship.