Saturday, January 7, 2012

Official Visit to Capitol Lodge No 136, January 6, 2012

On January 6, 2012, Friday, I had my Official Visit to Capitol Lodge No 136. It was the first Lodge Meeting to be presided by newly Installed WM Arnold Calambacan Sr.
This picture with MWB Stuart Allen was taken during the Refreshment which was called to bring in some special visitors.

Conversing with the Grand Organist, VWB Wayne Hadfield.
SGW RWB Doug Webster (L) with WB Robbie Green, newly Installed WM of Ancient Landmark Lodge No 3, who was on his first Official Visit as WM
How many Freemasons does it take to pick up someone's marbles?
Actually, the ballot box fell and the white balls and black cubes spilled out.

 The Lodge reconvened but was kept at Refreshment.

MWB Kris Goodmanson making a presentation to WB Peter Barclay, his family and company for their contribution to the Lodge Milk Program
WB Peter Barclay joins his wife, daughter and MWB Kris to receive the plaque
The SGW, RWB Doug Webster, giving his remarks.

The GM giving his remarks.
Presenting a check for the Milk Program on behalf of the Manitoba Masonic Foundation and other sources

WM Arnold very happily received the check on behalf of the Lodge.

Resumption of the GM's remarks

Presenting the Blood Brothers Pin to WB Rick Gladish (Center), who has made 96 blood donations.

Presenting the Blood Brothers Pin to WB Rico Villarin (Left), who made his first blood donation on December 27.

 Blood Brothers!
The Lodge is closed!
The repast was excellent and the fellowship was very warm during the Refreshment Hour.
It snowed the whole day and the driving conditions were not ideal but the evening at Lodge was excellent.

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