Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Partial report on February 2014

Following is a summary of the Masonic or Shrine Meetings or events thus far this February. It has been quite busy and I had to miss a few meetings/events due to family commitments or conflicting schedules.

On Feb 1, Saturday, I attended the Meeting of Winnipeg Chapter, International Order of DeMolay. MC Arnold Calambacan, Jr very capably presided over the Chapter. It was his second Meeting after being installed as MC. The Chapter is looking at a number of activities over the coming months.

On Feb 3, Monday, the Khartum Shriners Membership Committee held a Meeting. The main item on the agenda was the planning for the Kick-Off Meeting of the Pace Program scheduled for March 28, Friday, and 29, Saturday. The Pace Program is a Membership Initiative of Shriners International to assist Temples with their Membership Agenda. There will also be a Mini-Ceremonial on March 28, Friday. It was a very productive Meeting. It is great to again have the full support of the Potentate and the Divan for the Membership Agenda.

On Feb 4, Tuesday, Khartum Shriners held its first Unit Council Meeting for 2014. This was presided by Noble Brian Terin, Chief Rabban.

On Feb 6, Thursday, I attended the Scottish Rite Valley of Winnipeg Council Meeting, the first one I have been able to attend this Scottish Rite Year. Great discussion and plans for future Valley Meetings and events.

On Feb 8, Saturday, we attended the Eastern Star Chalet Spaghetti Fundraising Dinner. It was well attended and quite successful.

On Feb 10, Monday, the Khartum Shriners Divan & Ladies served refreshments after the Meeting of Sphinx Temple No 116, Daughters of the Nile. Everyone enjoyed the sandwiches, dainties and drinks. All had an excellent time.

On Feb 11, Tuesday, there was an Advisory Council Meeting, Winnipeg Chapter, International Order of DeMolay. After that, I joined the Official Visit of Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 to Keystone Lodge No 185. The JRC Evans Lecture, The Evolution of Freemasonry, was presented by VWB Don Murray. It was a very meaningful paper. It was my second time to hear it. Some in attendance were hearing it for up to 5 times. It was worth listening 5 times.

On Feb 12, Wednesday, I attended a Dinner Meeting of a group which will remain anonymous. The dinner, as usual, was very sumptuous and the fellowship very warm.

On Feb 13, Thursday, we had a Meeting of Queen Winnipeg Chapter No 1, Order of the Eastern Star. I initially sat as the Worthy Patron until WP Bro Rob Green arrived at around 8:30 PM. His work ended at 8 PM.

On Feb 14, Friday, Mae and I had dinner at Dimsum Garden in Chinatown. This is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants.

On Feb 15, Saturday, a number of the Khartum Shriners Divan and Ladies joined Potentate Illustrious Sir Rick Holberg and First Lady Georgette Holdberg at the Ladies Night of Dryden Shrine Club. Mae and I rode with VWB Bert & Sis Tina Manalang. We stayed at The Riverview Lodge in Dryden, ON, where the dinner, which was wonderful, was held.

When we returned to Winnipeg on Feb 16, Sunday, we and the Manalangs had a late lunch at Huangpo Restaurant, another one of our favorite Chinese restaurants.

On Feb 17, Monday, I attended the lunch celebration of the 40th day after the passing away of Sis Tina's father. Illustrious Sir Rick and Lady Georgette Holberg and Noble Alvin and Lady Judy Allard were also there. The lunch was at the Maples Community Centre.

In the evening of Feb 17, Monday, we held a Meeting of Selkirk Conclave No 6, Red Cross of Constantine (RCC). The dinner prior to the Meeting was excellent. The 2014 Officers of the Conclave were installed during the Meeting. The new Most Puissant Sovereign is Em. Kt. Comp. Dean Hawes. Later, a certificate of his 25-year membership in the RCC was presented to Kt. Comp. Cliff Hardy. In the picture of the presentation, L to R areRt. Ill. Kt. Comp. Dave English, Grand Intendant General for Manitoba & NW Ontario; Rt. Ill. Kt. Comp. Ivan LeBlanc, Recorder; Kt. Comp. Clifford Hardy; and Em. Kt. Comp. Ed Reeve, Immediate Past Most Puissant Sovereign (MPS).

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