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A quick review of 2013 - it is almost over

Wow, it is now the 2nd week of December and the Winter Solstice is coming up soon. But I have not updated my blog for any 2013 event. So here goes a quick review of this year.

2012 Potentate of Khartum Shriners, Illustrious Sir Harry Rosenbaum, at the Installation of the 2013 Officers of Khartum on January 19, 2013 at the Khartum Shrine Centre.
Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene, being installed as the 2013 Potentate.
The 2013 Potentate and Divan. I humbly accepted my appointments as 2nd Ceremonial Master and Co-Chair of the Membership Committee of Khartum Shriners.

The new Potentate, Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene, at the Post-Installation Dinner with the Divan and Past Potentates.

At Friendship Chapter No 67 on Jan 21, 2013. The two (2) Sisters (2nd and 3rd from the left) were honored for their 50 years in the Order of the Eastern Star. In the picture are from L to R: Brother Frank Toporowski, WGP; 1st honoree; Sister Louise McLachlin; Sister Sandra Ebata; Sister Elizabeth Evans, Grand Secretary; and Sister Jean Hutchinson, WGM.

Six (6) new Nobles were created at a Mini-Ceremonial of Khartum Shriners on Jan 28, 2013.
The new Nobles, from L to R: Nobles Rico Villarin, John Baptista, Conrad Cabrera, Glenn Baggao, Noel Regalado and Norman Manlapaz.

Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 Fellowship on Feb 2 at the garage of Bro Tony Bantados.
Ladies Night of Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 on Feb 9, 2013 at the Casino on Regent.

The Tambourines Unit at the Daughters of the Nile Tea on Feb 11, 2013.
Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene, 2013 Potentate, presiding at his first Stated  Meeting for the year, on Feb 28, 2013.
Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of  Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 on March 8 at The Players Country Club

No, this picture was not taken in Texas. It was at the Masonic Family Western Night on March 9, 2013 at the Khartum Shrine Center.
On March 23, Winnipeg Chapter conferred the Honorary Initiatory Degree (DeMolay) on nine (9) Master Masons. They became Members of Russell L Wiginton Chapter.

On the last weekend of March, my wife, daughter and I went to Elkhorn Resort in Onanole, MB (Wassagaming area) for a very brief vacation. The weather was great.

On April 13, Mae & I were given tickets to the Kenny Wizz - Michael Jackson History Concert here in Winnipeg. Kenny Wizz did an excellent impersonation of Michaeil Jackson.

On April 25, Sister Carole McElheran was honored for 50 years membership in the Order of the Eastern Star at Queen Winnipeg No 1. L to R: Brother Robbie Green, Worthy Patron; Sister Carole McElheran; and Sister Barb Green, Worthy Matron.

April 29 Khartum Past Masters Club Meeting
I had the pleasure and honor to preside the 64th Midwest Conference on Masonic Education from May 3 to 5 here in Winnipeg. We were joined by the Executive of the Phillalethes Society, which held their Annual Meeting during the Conference. Here is a picture taken during the installation of the new officers. led by the new President, MWB Craig Davis, PGM of Iowa.
MC Jorem Concepcion (L) was installed as the Master Councilor at the May 11 Open Installation of Winnipeg Chapter, Order of DeMolay, by PMC Justin Lapiña.

On the May long weekend, my wife, daughter and I drove down to Minneapolis for a quick holiday. While there, we found some really hot stuff (see picture on the left).
Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 held an Open Installation on May 25. WB Darwin Agustin was installed as the WM.

On May 28, Mikey graduated from the University of Manitoba as First Class Honor in BSc (Honors) in Actuarial Mathematics.
That same afternoon, I was elected as Grand Sentinel of the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, Order of the Eastern Star.
In the evening of May 28, the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, Order of the Eastern Star, held the Entertainment portion of the Grand Session.

On June 1, we had a grad dinner for Mikey at Dimsum Garden.

The 138th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba was held from Jun 6 to 8 at the Hilton Suites Airport. On the right is a picture of the 2012/2013 (outgoing) Officers, led by MWB Al Hadley (L).
The Grand Master for 2013/2014, MWB Doug Webster, being installed.
The Job's Daughters made their presentation to the new GM.

On June 12, Jeselle Manalang received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Peter's Parish Church with me as her Godfather.

At the June 20 Stated Meeting of Khartum Shriners, the Potentate, Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene, assisted by the Chief Rabban, Noble Rick Holberg, presented Noble Walt Nilsson with his Certificate of Membership.
We drove to Brandon on June 23 for the Homecoming of Brother Jim Finlayson, Worthy Grand Patron, Grand Chapter of Manitoba, Order of the Eastern Star. WGP Brother Jim is from Queen Mary Chapter No 3 in Brandon.

We took some time to relax and smell the flowers in the Assiniboine Park garden.

On July 8, Khartum had its third Mini-Ceremonial for 2013. The three (3) new Nobles created pose with the Potentate. L to R: Noble Jun Magsino, Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene, Noble Stan Barclay and Noble Alan Gomez.

Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 held its annual picnic on July 27 at the Kildonan Park.

The 5th Annual Masonic Family Round-Up was held on July 28 at the Khartum Shrine Center. Following are pictures from that event.


The 5th Annual Camping of Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189 was held from Aug 2 to 4 at Birds Hill Park

There was a good number of PinoyMasons of Manitoba who attended the International Peace Garden Lodge Meeting on Aug 10 at the International Peace Garden.

The Atengs were there, too.

After the meeting at the International Peace Garden, we proceeded to a fellowship hosted by the PinoyMasons of Manitoba - West.

On Aug 17, Winnipeg Chapter conferred the Initiatory Degree on one (1) regular DeMolay and three (3) Honorary DeMolays. The regular member is the grandson of one of the Honoraries.

The PinoyMasons of Manitoba participated in the 2nd Annual Manitoba Filipino Street Festival on Aug 24.

Marching from Northgate to Garden City.

On Sept 1, four (4) families drove to Kenora, ON for the day. We were going to have lunch in a Greek restaurant there. However, because it was a holiday, the only restaurant open was a Chinese one. We still had a wonderful day though we didn't have a Greek lunch.

At the Sept 19 Khartum Stated Meeting, we presented Membership jackets for those who were first-signers for at three (3) Nobles created in 2013.

Queen Winnipeg Chapter No 1, OES, held an Initiation on Sept 26.
Khartum Shriners held a Ceremonial on Sept 27.

The new Nobles.

Khartum's Fun Night was held on Sept 27 at the Viscount Gort Hotel.

The Potentate's Ball was held on Sept 28 at the Viscount Gort Hotel.

On Sept 29, Winnipeg Chapter conferred the DeMolay Degree on Bro Seth Audet and on 15 Honorary DeMolays.

Then we conferred the DeMolay Cross of Honor on Dad Rico Villarin.

Here is a picture taken at King's Park (near the U of M) during my lunch break on Oct 2.
L to R: RWB Stan Barclay, RWB Baldur Johnson, Bro Knut Marud (visiting from Norway) and VWB Nels Jacobson.

Khartum's Pioneers Lunch was held on Oct 5.

From Oct 10 to 13, MWB Jun Espino, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines, visited Winnipeg. The picture on the right was taken at parking slot for the Grand Master in the parking lot of the Masonic Memorial Centre (MMC) of Manitoba. MWB Jun E and I parked our bums there for the picture.

On Oct 11, MWB Jun Espino was received at a special joint meeting of Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189, Winnipeg River Lodge No 154 and Capitol Lodge No 136 at the MMC.

We brought MWB Jun E and his traveling companions (VWB Rox Malabanan, VWB Ayong Lorenzo and VWB Vic Vallejo) to various interesting sites in Winnipeg. Here is a picture taken at the viewing deck of The Forks. Do you think they had fun when they were here?

On Oct 24, Sister Nancy Drewniak, Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, OES, made her Official Visit to Queen Winnipeg Chapter, of which I am the Associate Patron.

Winnipeg Conclave No 4, Order of the Secret Monitor held a meeting on Oct 26. We inducted and received Bros Gary Dunn, Vic Bryll and Bert Manalang. The Officers for 2014 were also installed. I was appointed as the 4th Visiting Deacon.

We drove down to Grand Forks, ND on the weekend of Nov 2 & 3 to attend the Hoe Down of the OES for Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota. Each Grand Jurisdiction made a presentation for entertainment. Here is a picture of ours.

Khartum Shriners held an Appreciation Lunch for the Presidents and Chairmen. It was well attended.
WGM Sister Nancy Drewniak and WGP Brother Jim Finlayson made their official visit to Jephthah Chapter No 22, which is the WGM's home chapter. Her daughter is the WM and her husband is the WP.

On Nov 16, the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, OES, held a fundraising lunch, the proceeds of which will go to the Masonic Foundation of Manitoba and earmarked for use of the Transportation Program of the Canadian Cancer Society - Manitoba Division. It was well attended and quite successful.


Here is a picture of Dad Brian Langtry during his investiture as a Legion of Honor (Honorary), Order of DeMolay, on Nov 17. Very well deserved!
Bro Jorem Concepcion, MC of Winnipeg Chapter, presided at the investiture of the Chevalier Degree of Bro Mikey Uson (R) and Bro Jared Lapiña (2nd from R) also on Nov 17.
At the Nov 17 of Winnipeg Chapter, some of the Chapter Members were presented achievement awards.

On Nov 19, Khartum held its last Mini-Ceremonial for 2013. We created the following new Nobles, L to R: Noble Jesse Tait, Noble Kelvin Carrothers and Noble JB Casares.
Khartum Shriners had a Stated Meeting on Nov 21. The traditional Parade of Glory was held then. One of the presenters was Illustrious Sir Don Thomson (L) who presented the gift from the Past Potentates Association to Potentate Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene (R). In the center is Noble Chief Rabban Rick Holberg.

As Liaison to the Drum & Bugle Corps, I attended their Annual Meeting on Dec 3.
Chief Rabban Noble Rick Holberg (2nd from L) represented the Potentate.
Presiding over the Meeting was President Noble Rick Jones (standing).
It was a wonderful dinner and meeting.

Khartum Shriners participated in this year's Masonic Family Gift Wrapping Service at the Garden City Mall. On Dec 7, Potentate Illustrious Sir Andrew Skene (R) and Lady Irene (C) assisted in wrapping gifts.
Dec 7: Khartum Divan Christmas Party - While waiting for the food, the attendees had to guess who were in the baby pictures on the wall. I was only able to correctly guess 4 out of 20+. Of course, almost all of them identified me in my picture.
Dec 8: Khartum 2014 Planning Session
Potentate-Elect Noble Rick Holberg presided at the 2014 Planning Session. The Divan Members and their Ladies were present. I was elected as High Priest & Prophet (HPP) for 2014 at the Elections held last Friday, Dec 6. I was not at the meeting because I was part of the Installation Team at Capitol Lodge No 136 that same evening. I sent in a letter to Khartum stating that, if I am nominated for HPP for 2014, I will accept it. I guess nobody else ran for that position so ...

The Khartum Past Masters Club (PMC) held its last Meeting for 2013 on Dec 10. We held our elections and installed the 2014 officers.
President: Noble Walter Fast
1st VP: Noble Wally Roth
2nd VP: Noble Chibu Uson
Secretary/Treasurer: Noble Brian Monkman

Noble Paul Drewniak was the installing officer.

A very important event in 2013 was the acceptance of our daughter, Anna, to the Family Medicine Program at the Warren Campus of St Luke's Hospital in Phillipsburg, NJ. She started in July. In this picture, she proudly wears her lab gown which she received on Dec 9. If she looks tired, it is because she has been working 14-hr shifts at night. Her December rotation is Night Shift.
Needless to say, my wife, Mae, and I are very, very proud of Anna Uson, MD.

Another very important event in 2013 was our 30th Wedding Anniversary on Nov 26. It has been a wonderful 30 years. I am looking forward to another 30 or more equally wonderful years with my ex-GF and wife, Mae.

Well, I am now caught up with the various key events in 2013. I hope that this chronicle of my "travels" is of interest to some of you.

Until my next post.

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