Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charleswood Red River Lodge No 184 Ladies Night & 50-year Service Award Presentation, March 12, 2012

On March 12, 2012, Monday, the Brethren of Charleswood Red River Lodge No 184 honored their Ladies at their Annual Ladies Night. We had a wonderful dinner prepared by Friendship Chapter, OES. 

The Lodge was called to Refreshment and the Ladies were brought up to the Lodge Room.

The Grand Master then presented the 50-year Service Award to WB Don McLachlan. I gave Sister Louise McLachlan the honor of pinning the 50-year Service Medal on WB Don.

Then I had RWB Al Hadley pin the 50-year Service Pin on WB Don.

WB Don was Initiated, Passed and Raised at Charleswood Lodge No 163 in 1962 and served as its Worshipful Master in 1967. I first met WB Don when I joined the Khartum Komedian in 1998. He is a 33° Scottish Rite Mason. He is also a Past Patron of Friendship Chapter No 67, OES, of which his wife, Sister Louise, is the only living Charter Member. They both served as Advisors of Job's Daughters. Needless to say, they have been  enjoying Freemasonry as a Way of Life.

Sis Louise, WB Don and MWB Chibu

L to R: WM Andy McLelan; WB Don McLachlan; MWB Chibu Uson, GM; RWB Al Hadley, DGM
The GM emphasizes a point
MWB Ted Jones, Grand Secretary, gives his remarks
RWB Tom Love, Unity DDGM, gives his remarks
The GM gives his remarks

The Honoree, WB Don McLachlan, conversing with Sis Mae Uson

It was an excellent evening.

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