Monday, July 25, 2011

With relatives and friends in Toronto - July 2011

We had a chance to be with some of our Toronto relatives and friends after the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

In this picture with Mae are my cousin, Donna, her son, William III (or "Tres" or "Thirday") and my cousin-in-law, Jun (William Jr).
Dinner hosted by my uncle, Dr Solon, and aunt, Dra Jo, at their Missisauga home, with my grad schoolmate and friend, Art, with his wife, Edith, who live in Barrie.
Here, we have a picture with my uncle, aunt and their two very beautiful "Princesses", my cousin, her husband and their son, and Joann, the excellent cook of my uncle and aunt.
Another picture of the Marilyn Monroe building in Missisauga.
Lunch at the 360 Restaurant with my uncle.
Mae and my uncle trying to hold on to the rope? Or was it to the wall?
The Winnipeg Bombers won against the Toronto Argonauts at the Rogers Centre that evening.

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