Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lisgar Lodge No 2, Selkirk, April 17, 2012

On April 17, 2012, Tuesday, the GM had his Official Visit to Lisgar Lodge No 2, with WB Stuart Finch presiding. The Lodge approved a donation for the upcoming Winnipeg Relay for Life Team.
With Fellowcraft Bro Adam Dawe of Ancient Landmark Lodge No 3, who was visiting. It is wonderful to see FC's visiting other Lodges.
The fellowship after the Meeting was warm. We had fried pickerel, coleslaw and fried potatoes during the Fellowship Hour.

It was an excellent evening - great Meeting, great food and wonderful fellowship.

Transcona Centennial Celebration Opening Ceremony, April 12, 2012

On April 12, 2012, Thursday, the Opening Ceremonies of the Transcona Centennial Celebration were held at the Transcona Legion.
The Freemasons were invited and requested to form an Honor Guard.

MWB Ken Butchart (L) and I formed the Honor Guard for the Dignitaries, which included His Honor, the Lt Gov Phillip Lee; the Manitoba Premier; and the Mayor of Winnipeg.

A choir from a nearby French Emersion school performed O' Canada and some other songs.

MWB Ken and I were at our posts for about 1-1/2 hours. We had an excellent time and got some exposure for the Fraternity.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wheat City Lodge No 168, April 11, 2012

On April 11, 2012, the Grand Master had an Official Visit to Wheat City Lodge No 168 in Brandon, with WB Art Arbour presiding. Before the Lodge Meeting, we had an excellent dinner of turkey with all the fixings, with WB Terry Metcalf as the Toastmaster.

WB Glenn Gilos offered a Toast to the GM.

The GM responding to the Toast.

Bro Neil Navarro (L) and WB Glenn Gilos (R)
Presenting WB Jim Riley with his 65-yr Service Award Jewel

Thank you, WB Jim, for 65 years of service to our Fraternity.
Presenting RWB Mel Cable with his 50-yr Service Award Jewel

Thank you, RWB Mel, for 50 years of service to our Craft.
Giving RWB Mel Cable his Lewis Jewel

Presenting VWB George Strange his 50-yr Service Award Jewel

Thank you, VWB George, for 50 years of service to Freemasonry.
Also there to honor the Service Awardees were the Ladies of Wheat City Lodge No 168

RWB Stano Spina, JGW, giving his remarks.
The GM giving his remarks

L to R: VWB Rick Laronde; Bro Neil Navarro; MWB Chibu Uson; and WB Glenn Gilos.
It was a wonderful evening of honoring the Service Awardees - excellent dinner, meeting and fellowship.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Service Award Presentations at Keystone Lodge No 185, April 10, 2012

On April 10, 2012, Tuesday, after a Grand Lodge Officers Meeting, the GM had his Official Visit to Keystone Lodge No 185, with WB Bruce Kuppers presiding.
That evening, the GM presented Service Awards to three Brethren.
In the picture on the right, we have WB Archie Davidson (L) and RWB John Campbell, one of the three Awardees.
Very big smile from VWB Grant Kelodie.
Introduction by the GM of the Brethren who accompanied him.
The GM presenting his companions on this Official Visit.
RWB Doug Webster, SGW, being presented and introduced.
RWB Stano Spina, JGW, being presented and introduced.
RWB Stano Spina, JGW, being escorted to the East by RWB Bill Evans.

RWB Nico Velthys, Grand Treasurer
RWB Bernie Gross, Grand Historian
RWB Brian Rountree, Grand Librarian
RWB Brian Segal, PDDGM
VWB Wayne Hadfield, Grand Organist

The GM returns the gavel to the WM
Presentation of Service Awards by the GM, assisted by WB Bruce Kuppers, WM
Bro Fred Dickson, 60-year Service Awardee

RWB John Campbell, 50-year Service Awardee

Bro Dave Parker, 50-year Service Awardee, looked very much younger than his age - 93 years old. He remembered meeting me at one of the events of Khartum Shriners.

With the three (3) distinguished Service Awardees. It was an honor and very inspiring to present the Awards on behalf of Grand Lodge.

The GM also presented a Lewis Jewel to WB Bruce Kuppers.

VWB Clair Nesbitt gave a talk about Partners for Life, on behalf of the GM. He shared his story and is giving back by promoting this Blood Donation Program.

RWB Brian Segal, PDDGM, giving greetings on behalf of the Widows Sons.
RWB Stano Spina, JGW, giving his remarks.
RWB Doug Webster, SGW, giving a few words.
The GM gives his short talk.
The GM presents a Blood Brother's Pin to WB Thom Irving, who has donated whole blood 200 times.

RWB Doug Webster, SGW, is one of the newest members of the Freemasons Partners for Life. He made his donation earlier that day - his first after a year of not being able to donate due to being in Mexico a year ago.
Thank you, Blood Brothers, for your blood donation. You make a big difference in the lives of the patients and their families.

With Bro Dave Parker, 50-year Service Awardee
L to R: WB Bruce Kuppers, WM; Bro Dave Parker, 50-year Service Awardee; MWB Chibu Uson, GM.

It was an excellent visit. It was very inspiring and humbling to present the Service Awards to three (3) very committed and dedicated Freemasons.