Monday, October 31, 2011

My 1st Blood Donation in Canada, October 31, Monday

On October 31, Monday, Halloween, at 6 PM, I presented myself at the offices of the Canadian Blood Services on William Avenue hoping to make my 1st blood donation in Canada. RWB Stan Barclay, Vice Chairman of the Partners for Life Program of Grand Lodge, was there to see me make my donation. He took the pictures posted here. He was hoping to take a picture of me on the floor if I fainted but was disappointed that he did not have the opportunity to do so. Well, I did not faint!
See for yourself in the following pictures.

After going through the required screenings (iron content, medical history and interview), I was brought to the donation area.
In this picture, they are preparing me for my donation.

All prepped and waiting for the needle ...

Here's the needle!

It did not hurt. The nurse/tech was very gentle.

Getting the first samples for further screening of my blood to see if it could be used.

Filling up the containers for the samples.

That's my blood in that bag! Hopefully, it is good enough to be used. There are a lot of people needing blood.

What a wonderful experience! I hope that it will be the first of many donations I will make every 56 days.

It is great to be a Partner for Life.

For information about the Canadian Blood Services and how to donate, please call 1-800-2-DONATE or visit their website at

Donate blood. It's in you to give.

Official Visit to Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189, October 28, Friday

On October 28, Friday, I visited Fil-Can Cabletow Lodge No 189, my other "Home" Lodge in Manitoba. There was a big group of Grand Lodge Officers and Brethren who accompanied me. The EA Degree was conferred excellently on Bro Neil Navarro.

Here is a picture taken of the Brethren at the Lobby waiting for the Lodge to open.

Here are some of the Ladies who helped prepare the food for the Refreshment Hour.

VWB Bert Manalang, Grand Standard Bearer, is the Tyler of the Lodge. His sword must be somewhere near him.

New MM and Noble, Bro Justin Lapiña (on the left), with RWB Junn Manalang, Grand Director of Ceremonies, before the Lodge Meeting.

Conferring with the SW, Bro Cris Alip, before the start of the Meeting.
Following are pictures taken during the Refreshment Hour. As usual, there was a lot of sumptuous food.

Visiting Bro Ronald Maranan from Tagaytay Lodge No 165, MW Grand Lodge of the Philippines.
New EA, Bro Neil Navarro (L), with VWB Bert Manalang (R).

It was a great evening of making a new Freemason.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Official Visit to Brandon Lodge No 19, October 25, Tuesday

On October 25, Tuesday, 11 of us trekked from Winnipeg to Brandon to attend the Emergent Meeting of Brandon Lodge No 19. It was a beautiful drive in spite of some light rain (thankfully, it was not cold enough to turn the rain into the white stuff) near Brandon.

Here are pictures taken while waiting for the start of the Lodge Meeting.

After the excellent Conferral of the Entered Apprentice Degree on Bro Keith Hancharak, I had the pleasure of presenting the 55-year service award to WB Bart Hawkins.
Here is a picture with the Brethren who accompanied me (all Grand Lodge Officers); WB Vern Schneider, WM of Brandon Lodge No 19; and other Brethren.

Here is a picture of RWB Junn Manalang, Grand Director of Ceremonies, with Bro David Baltzer, new FC (on the left) and Bro Keith Hancharak, new EA (on the right). Looks like being between two pillars or towers.

In this picture, VWB Bert Manalang takes his turn to be in between the two towers.
 I was very happy that WB Glenn Gilos was able to join me on this visit, although he found out very late. He came straight from work.
Signing the Bible of Bro Keith Hancharak.

Here are pictures taken during the Refreshment Hour.

I wonder what DGM RWB Al Hadley is thinking of when this picture was taken.
L to R: VWB Bert Manalang, Grand Standard Bearer; WB Bart Hawkins, 55-year service awardee; and RWB Junn Manalang, Grand Director of Ceremonies

Once again, thanks to VWB Bert Manalang for taking the pictures.
Special thanks to RWB Jeff Chartrand who provided the transportation to and from Brandon.
It was an excellent evening, although it was a very long night.
The drive back to Winnipeg was uneventful.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A weekend with Khartum Shriners, October 21 & 22

Khartum Shriners held a Ceremonial on October 21, Friday. That evening, they held the Red Green Fun Night, which had a motif of a Fishing Lodge, at the Fort Garry Hotel.

October 21, Friday: Red Green Fun Night
There was a Fishing Lodge that evening presented by the Khartum Komedians. It was called Saunders Fishing Lodge, in honor of Illustrious Sir Potentate Gary Saunders, Potentate/CEO of Khartum Shriners.

There was a good number of Ladies & Nobles who attended the Fishing Lodge.

I do not know who caught this fish. It was definitely bigger than the clam I caught last month.

The Potentate got pie in his face, courtesy of the Game Warden, Noble Guy Arbez.

I do not know who brought this pet.

Lady Val Webster (SGW Doug's Lady) and new Noble and Bro Jared Lapiña on the dance floor.

 Line dancing!

The entries to the Duct Tape Competition ...
One of these won the top prize.
Overall, it was a fun evening.

October 22, Saturday: Potentate's Ball
On October 22, the Potentate's Ball was held at Fort Garry Hotel.

The Khartum Shriners Potentate and First Lady were piped in and are shown here on their way to their seats.
A good number of Ladies & Nobles attended the Ball.
Lady Mae and me with Illustrious Sir Gary Saunders, Khartum Shriners Potentate & CEO, and Lady Marcy Saunders.

With Lady Jo & new Noble Ben Gasmeña and Lady Tina & Noble Bert Manalang.
 The Progressing Grand Line and their Ladies.
L to R: Sis Espie Lapiña, Sis Tina Manalang, Sis Jo Gasmeña and Sis Mae Uson
 L to R: Val Webster, Carol Hadley and Mae Uson
The Progressing Line of the Grand Lodge with the Grand Secretary.
 Dancing to wonderful music.
Line dancing ...
The Chief Rabban, Noble Harry Rosenbaum, and Lady Hope Rosenbaum join the dancing.
Noble Harry and Lady Hope dancing part of the night away.
Dancing to YMCA!

What a wonderful evening for everyone.